Questions about the Eastwood, North Baltimore or Northwood Preschools?  Please download the Preschool Info Flyer. If you have questions or have concerns about your child's development, please contact us at nstickles@wcesc.org or 419-354-9010.

For info for the 2016-2017 (current) school year, which will end in May 2017: Please click the "2016-2017 Pre-Reg Info" tab.

For info for the 2017-2018 (upcoming) school year, which will begin in August 2017: Please click the "2017-2018 Pre-Reg Info" tab.

If you're interested in the upcoming school year which will begin August 2017, please click the "2017-2018 Pre-Reg Info" tab.  This page is for the current school year only.

Info for the 2016-2017 (current) school year, which will end in May 2017: To receive a pre-reg form for your typically-developing child, please contact us or download the form here:

2016-17 EA Pre-Reg*     2017-17 NB Pre-Reg*      2016-17 NW Pre-Reg

*Eastwood and North Baltimore Preschools have no typical vacancies at this time. (Eastwood has 2 children on the waiting list; NB has a waiting list of 11). To get your typically-developing child on this school year's waiting list, please download pre-reg and return along with appropriate proof of residency (see pre-reg for what your district requires).

For any district not listed above, please contact your district of residence.

Pre-Registration for the next school year (2017-2018) will not begin until either March or April 2017, depending on the school district.

Please contact the preschool secretary at either nstickles@wcesc.org  or 419-354-9010 ext. 133 and ask to be added to the 2017-2018 mailing list. We will need your name/address/phone/email and your child's name/DOB.

Note: pre-reg forms for the current school year (16-17) cannot be used for the 17-18 school year.

Below are 2016-2017 Forms for Parents of Currently-Enrolled Preschoolers. (If your child isn't currently enrolled, please choose the "Preschool" tab to learn about the pre-registration process.)

We also need a copy of birth certificate, social security card, proof of residency (if not already provided), and custody/divorce/child support papers (if child isn't living with both parents listed on birth cert.) for each new preschooler.

Medical Form                    Required Forms Checklist                   Emergency Contact

Dental Form                      Permission Form/Interest Surveys       Family Needs Assessment

Allergies/Nutrition               Administration of Meds                      Child History Form

NB New Student Reg and Transportation Form (for new NB students only)

Student Enroll/Change/Withdrawal Forms:  Eastwood PS        Powell PS      Olney PS  (for teachers to fill out and turn in to Naomi & district EMIS Coordinator.)

NB/NW Progress Report (PDF; rvsd. 4/2016)    NB/NWProgress Report (Word doc; rvsd. 4/2016)

EA Progress Reports: 3 Year Old4 Year Old5 Year Old (Word docx; rvsd 8/2016)

Release of Confidential Information Form

Missing Info Form (notice for teachers to send to parents when child's file is missing Med, etc.)

Immunization Waiver (for parents to fill out/sign if they wish; when completed you should attach it to the child's Medical Assessment.)

Emergency Contact Persons Waiver (for parents to fill out/sign if they cannot provide 3 contact persons; when completed you should attach it to the child's Emergency Contact form)